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DRG-TV Dragons Robots Ghosts
Saturday, 10:43PM - Ever wonder what the celebs wore for Halloween? We found out for you!

Saturday, 7:44PM - Ken enlists the help of A-League Entertainment as his personal bodyguard service!

Saturday, 7:33PM - We caught up with the celebrities of DOTD and asked them about their first crush. Some of them are going to surprise you...

Saturday, 2:50PM - Listen up kiddies... Some advice from Ryan Cadaver

Saturday, 2:37PM - Sammy Terry challenges you to HORROR TRIVIA!

Saturday, 2:34PM - Ahhh... the soothing sounds of theremin...

Saturday, 2:32PM - DRG-TV presents: Advice for the kiddies! With Sammy Terry!

Friday, 9:25PM - DRG-TV's camera catches up with author Joanne Padgett

Friday, 8:44PM - Here it is: our chat with Ryan Cadaver of The Casket Creatures!

Friday, 7:56 - Maybe you're in the mood to feast your eyes on a film. Jabb Pictures has you covered in the screening room! Here's the 48-hour Film Festival Schedule

Friday, 7:24PM - Don't know what to do next at Days Of The Dead? DRG-TV is here to help. Check out the event schedule!

Friday, 5:27PM - DRG-TV just sat down with Ryan Cadaver of The Casket Creatures! Stay tuned for the one-on-one...

Thursday, 11:04PM - DRG-TV has arrived at the beautiful Wyndham Indianapolis West for Days Of The Dead!!! Look for our camera out there and we'll make you famous!